Finishing Services

A huge choice of finishing services help you to make your parts look even better.

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Printing & Marking

We offer multiple procedures to print logos and other visual elements on your parts. Is your intend to print text,  lines, logos, icons, instructions or light-translucent buttons? At STAR we will help you to find the most economical printing process for you.


For CNC engraving we utilize a range of different cutter sizes and types. Usually we engrave with Chamfer mills, end-mills or special engraving tools. We can achieve a incredible amount of detail when engraving. We will need a vector based 2D file, or preferably a 3D file to get started.


We can apply laser etching or laser engraving to your parts. Laser etching is a process in which a laser cuts a shape from a plate of flat material. Alternatively the laser can visually alter the surface of the material, leaving a market area. It really depends on what you are looking for and what your goals are – we can achieve it.


We offer silk screening also referred to as screen printing in opaque colors as well as in transparent colors. Silk screening proves to be a beautiful technique if you need to get patterns or images printed on your parts. This technique is becoming increasingly economical with larger order volumes.

Pad Printing (Tampography)

We print your logos making sure that they are at the right angle and in the right position and that the used print color is of a high quality. Pad printing is a process in which a silicone-rubber printing pad picks up color from a printing-plate and then prints it onto a substrate (your part).