This was in my head when I woke up this morning. Indulge me please.

Did you know that a USD 20 dollar bill or a GBP 20 pound note are about 0.11mm thick?

The US trade deficit is USD 690,000,000,000 each year – a real financial loss to the USA.

The UK trade deficit is GBP 94,000,000,000 each year – a real financial loss to the UK.

So, if you had a pile of 20 dollar bills equaling 690 billion it would stand 2,371 miles high.

If you had a pile of 20 pound notes equaling GBP 94 billion it would stand 323 miles high, only 24 miles short of the Hubble Space Telescope. Think about that. And the British have the smaller pile.

If you then laid the American pile down onto the face of the planet it would stretch from New York to San Diego.

If you then laid the UK pile down it would go pretty much from London to Edinburgh.

Think about that the next time you get in your car or truck and drive a few miles down the road. Imagine that pile laying at the side of every road you travel. Most Americans would need about 2 months of typical car mileage to drive the entire length of their country’s loss.

And just remember this; the German ($197bn) and Chinese ($174bn) PROFIT piles combined would stretch from New Orleans in the South to the Canadian border – 1,160 miles – EVERY YEAR. I would rather need a month of typical driving mileage to survey my countries profit.

American and British politicians like to make out like the trade deficit is some kind of paper loss – that it is somehow not real. Well it is REAL. The politicians are correct about it being a loss on paper in only one way: the loss is printed on special paper that carries the picture of Andrew Jackson (or the Queen) and that REAL pile of paper money stretches from New York to San Diego or London to Edinburgh – every year.

Think about that every time you get in your car and try to not get angry with Washington or Westminster.

Gordon Styles
Star Prototype China Limited

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